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Tips For The Week

Alison’s Tip:

Did you know Tylenol is toxic to cats and dogs?  Although many of the drugs we use for ourselves we can also use for our pets, there are some that are harmful. Please speak with your veterinarian before administering any over the counter medications.

Katie’s Tip:

When making an appointment to see your pediatrician, try to get the first appointment of the day. There will be less of a wait time and, more importantly, less exposure to other germs and illness.

See you Wednesday!

Carrie’s Tip:

Although I have mentioned this before, I feel the need to reiterate this as my tip of the week. My hair is pin straight and constantly gets tangled up in knots after I shower. The solution…The Wet Brush. It will get rid of your tangles in a matter of seconds and you will see a drastic difference in how much less your hair will fall out.



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