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Tips For The Week

Alison’s Tip

Working out and staying in shape has always been extremely important and a big part of our lives.  With kids, careers, and the craziness of life, getting to work out classes, or that hour run is getting harder and harder.  My sister in law introduced me to the solution.  Kayla Itsines offers a 24 week workout program that gives your quick, efficient, and effective workout regimes that maximizes fat burning and promotes body sculpting.  In addition to her videos, she just recently came out with an App that you must download and try.  I am so excited about her workouts and this is exactly what I was looking for.  Great way to get in shape for the new year.

Katie’s Tip

Hey loves, I had the best time celebrating the holidays with my family! Alison went above and beyond to make our christmas so special. I did return to work yesterday and wow was it busy. We saw so many injuries from the gift of the season, the hoverboard.  Some minor but some very serious. It is so important that parents understand the dangers of this board. It is imperative that your child wear a helmet when attempting to ride their hoverboard. I also highly recommend wrist guards as we have a seen a lot of broken wrists.

Carrie’s Tip

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with your friends and family! We certainly did. Filled with lots of fun memories and of course eating! With New Years day approaching, it’s time to think of what I want to work on as my New Year’s resolution. I still have a bit to go with my baby weight and need some great work out gear to help get me there! Here are some of my favorite brands for really fabulous work out clothes. Happy New Years everyone!

{Fabletics, GFast Leggings by The Gap, APL Running sneakers, Zella Work Out Pants}




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