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The Perfect Reading Nook!

Hi Loves! I hope everyone is having a great week! I am so excited about today’s blog. I absolutely love a great reading nook. I think it is a super easy and relatively inexpensive way to bring coziness and glam to any room. A lot of parents have a hard time finding balance and relaxation with the ongoing lists of things to do and crazy schedules. Creating the perfect reading nook provides a comfortable and quiet place to retreat to and curl up with a good book. It is also a quick way to give any room a face lift and create a focal point.

Find a great space.  The great thing about a reading nook is that is doesn’t require a lot of space. Whether you live in an apartment in the city or a house in the suburbs, there is absolutely a dead corner in your space that can be transformed into a little retreat. You may find it necessary to rearrange some furniture, but it is worth it. Try to arrange it so you have a nice corner in a location that is as quiet as possible.

reading chairs

1. Tufted club chair teal velvet  2. Navy with white piping  3. French yellow accent chair  4. Polka dot chair  5. Pink zebra chair 6. Blue patterned chair

A statement chair. This is an opportunity to invest in what I like to call a WOW piece. Make sure to go bold! There are many ways to make a statement. If you aren’t comfortable with a patterned chair, try to find one with a great shape or color. I would suggest that if your room already has a lot of pattern or color, go with a more neutral or tailored look. Of course, if your room is more neutral, have fun with a great pattern or bold color. Make sure to reference that color in other accent pieces in the room like throw pillows, flowers, vases, or candles.


1. Nailhead end table  2. Nesting tables  3. Upholstered table  4. Blue hexagon table 5. Gold accent table  6. Arrow accent table  7. Vogue end table  8. Drum side table

A fun side table. You want to have a spot to put your book down or enjoy a cup of coffee. When deciding on a table, make sure to take into consideration the size of your chair. If you have a small chair, you want to make sure to pair it with a small table. I love the idea of doing a custom upholstered side table. This one from (#3 from collage) is $259 and comes in a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Great lighting and a place to put your feet. Although not necessary, a great floor lamp and a pouf to rest your feet is a unique way to finish off the look and create a cozy space.

Find a great book. Among my father’s many talents, he is an amazing author! If you love a good thriller, you should absolutely try his new book Error in Diagnosis! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


The third option (items not listed above) include- 1. Patterned chair & 2. Gold and wood table

Although today we focused on an adult reading nook, this is a great option for your child’s room as well. You don’t need a large space to create something special for your toddler. Children love to have a space to call their own. It will not only promote reading but give them a space to create and grow. Hope this helps with your journey! See you next Wednesday.

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