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Arts and Crafts, The Katie Way!

Hey Loves, I want to start this week’s entry with full disclosure: Out of the three sisters, I am by far the LEAST creative or crafty.

To this day, I have traumatizing flashbacks of elementary school homework assignments when I knew my sister, Alison would create an over the top piece of art and mine would be mediocre at best.  It was hard growing up as a twin, but don’t worry guys, I found my talents. Alison would never admit it but I am a much better athlete than she is!

Anyways, I have always thought that craft projects are an amazing way to bond with your child while promoting creativity and critical thinking skills. However, it is difficult when your 4 year old is a better artist than you are!

I know there are other parents out there that feel my pain and the solution is Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon. I fell across this book at my son, Mason’s book fair and absolutely fell in love. It is a beautiful story of a little girl who refuses store bought toys and electronics in favor of her own toys made out of boxes and things in nature. Now anytime I get something in the mail, Mason and I can’t wait to make it into something. We have made houses, airplanes, and surfboards to name a few. By no means do they come out looking like arts and crafts, but it provides us with hours of playing and creating. He is so excited to go surfing or take flight, he doesn’t really care so much about what it looks like.

This is amazing way to make the joy of a book come to life for your child. In a world fixated on material things, social media, and reality television, it is a nice break for us moms too! Here is the link to the book.


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  1. Fabulous Idea. Will use these hints for my grandchildren’s visits!-
    I always knew since Stirling Elem. that all three of you would be “stars”! !Make your Mamma proud as always!