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Paper Clutter

Hey Loves! At the request of my little sister, Carrie, we are going to take a detour from medicine this week and focus on some home decor. Although Carrie supports and lovingly reads my “Mommy” blogs, she asked me to write a blog to help her with a problem she likes to call, “paper clutter.” Carrie and her new hubby, Dustin, live in a beautiful apartment in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Like most apartments, storage is an issue. They just finished planning a wedding, so they have tons of paperwork. Carrie is always complaining that there is paper everywhere. Dustin suggested a filing cabinet. Being a new wife, Carrie has delicately rejected his idea and has asked me to step in to help solve her problem.

IMG_4475Although there are some amazing options for filing cabinets available, we are going to take on a quick and easy DIY project. This chic storage solution took me less than 30 minutes to do and cost me less than $30 to make. Let’s get started!

1. Find a beautiful box. My box was made by Threshold. Threshold is an amazing home decor line produced by Target. They have great trendy furniture and decor items for reasonable prices. I got mine at Target on sale for only $17 dollars! My box measures 11 inches high, 13 inches wide and 14 inches deep. This is the smallest I would go.  Remember the bigger the box, the more storage you will have.

2.  Purchase a hanging folder drawer frame. I bought mine at Office Depot and its made by Smead. Make sure you measure your box and get a frame that can adjust to a least 1 inch smaller than the dimensions of the box. After assembling the frame, place it into the box.

image3. Clean up, organize your paperwork (Alison’s favorite hobby) and style and accessorize your new chic addition. I had every intention of giving this to Carrie as a newlywed gift, but I fell in love with it! So I bought a smaller sized box, stacked them, and made a side table for my home office. Sorry Carrie, love you!

Enjoy!  See you next Wednesday!

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