Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hey Loves! I hope everyone is having a great week. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! This is my husband’s ultimate favorite holiday and we go all out. The festivities start early in the morning and continue late into the night. I always get the job of the tablescape. My sister and husband say it is because I create a beautiful ambience for their amazing turkey feast but we all know it is because they don’t want me near the kitchen risking our guests leaving dinner with salmonella poisoning. Sometimes Alison will throw me a bone and ask me to the peel the potatoes. I proudly accept, but who really wants to peel the potatoes?!

We all have dreams of creating the perfect Pinterest Thanksgiving tablescape, but then reality sets in. Work, kids, class projects, prepping, and cooking take way more time then we anticipated and most of us end up running out the night before and grabbing some flowers. There is plenty you can do last minute utilizing the things in your house and a trip to the grocery store to pull off a beautiful and festive table. I actually do my best work last minute!

Picture it, two little freckles studying for 6th grade mid-terms. I went into my twin sister’s bedroom to see how and what she was studying. When I asked her what she was doing, she proceeded to whip out her laminated, color coded schedule which mapped out every half hour with what subject she was going to study, what chapters she was going to review, and how much time she was going to dedicate to each subject. I immediately became overwhelmed and motivated. However, this was a fleeting emotion and I would proceed to the television or the kitchen for a snack. I mean we were only twelve years old. The night before the exam, Alison would be tucking herself into bed at 8:00pm to get a good night sleep before the exam. She would always visit my room before going to sleep and find me on the floor surrounded by books and papers intensely absorbing material. For all those parents that have children that procrastinate, Alison and I always got the same score on every exam. It is a true testament to the fact that there are different roads to success.  20 years later and absolutely nothing has changed. Alison has her blogs done days in advance and here I am early Wednesday morning talking about a last minute tablescape that should have already been complete…love it! So, let’s get started.


Source: Williams Sonoma


Source: Martha Stewart

There are so many amazing things in the grocery store that you can use for your tablescape. Most of us end up having to run to the store last minute to grab something we forgot for a recipe or to get an extra appetizer, but take the opportunity to make your tablescape beautiful. Nothing screams Thanksgiving like pumpkins. Grab some pumpkins, gourds, squash, nuts or pears. The grocery store also has candles. Tea lights are the quickest way to create ambiance. If you have a long rectangle table you may want to do a series of items as your centerpiece, one large item in the middle with smaller items on the sides.




Source: Finding Home

Get Creative! Use things that already exist in your home. Most of us have a tray on our coffee table or a cheese platter that can absolutely be used for a centerpiece. If you have a round table, a tray is a great option, but you can also do a smaller group of items. Always work in odd numbers, so do a grouping of 3 or 5 things. I love how they used a pitcher and wheat to create unique scape.



Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Living in Florida, this is a little bit more difficult but my mom always uses flowers and greens from outside in her arrangements. The gorgeous fall leaves or bare branches serve as great statement pieces, not to mention it is easy and free. The beans utilized in the second picture is an easy find in the grocery store and a great way to anchor your arrangement in the vase.


Source: Disney Family Fun


Source: Southern Living 

Don’t forget about the kid’s table! Most of us have sheets of drawing paper in the house. I love the idea of covering the kid’s table with drawing paper. It is a quick, easy, and creative way to make their table fun. Put some mason jars filled with crayons in the middle. The kids will have a blast coloring and you will get a chance to enjoy your glass of wine.

Hope this helps you with your journey! Have an amazing Thanksgiving! Remember some of the best things happen last minute. See you next Wednesday!

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