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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hi Everyone!

If you’re anything like me, you still need to pick out your father’s day gifts. So many gifts and so little time. Well thankfully, I am here to narrow it down for you and give you some great ideas for all the men in your life. It’s not that you aren’t important dads….but there’s not enough time in the day to get it all done right?

Since the dad’s in our lives play such a huge part role in our families, lets celebrate them and shower them with some pretty cool gifts!

Forever Freckled gives you their last minute Father's day gift guide
Forever Freckled gives you their last minute Father’s day gift guide


For the TECHY Dad

The NEST: What could make someone happier than reducing their AC bills? HA! My hubby would love this one. It learns the temperature you like and programs it to fit your needs. I am thinking I really need to get this one! For the sole purpose of not having to always remember to turn down the AC when I leave lol.

Wifi Enabling Coffee Maker: Because you’re still in bed and you want to brew some coffee from your phone…ok genius! Done and Done. So lazy but yet to cool.

SONOS Speakers: Why do guys care so much about sound? My husband is obsessed with the sound quality of his TV and music. Sometimes I get in to his car and it’s so loud, I literally can’t hear for 5 minutes after. Well for them, I bring you SONOS. A wireless speaker for streaming music. This is a really cool gift and anyone would like it.

For the COOL dad

Ray Ban Sunnies: Love this style! Ray Ban’s are always a staple brand and the quality lasts. Sunglasses are a good gift for anyone. They have tons of styles to choose from so do a little research before you pick the style. I love this one personally! Retro and cool.

Birch Box Man: Something fun for the guy who has everything and likes subscription services. I personally love getting a box of goodies every month! The box comes with a personalized assortment of grooming and style upgrades delivered to your door each month. 

ARMITRON watch: This is definitely for the cool guy in your life. I love the black sleek design. This is the type of watch that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Armitron has been around for so many years and their prices are super reasonable as well! I have a few of their women’s watches and wear them all the time.

For the dad who has EVERYTHING

Sports tickets: This isn’t a specific ticket to buy but just an idea that is bound to be a hit! If your husband or father loves sports, then this is an awesome idea. With football season approaching, tickets to see his favorite team will totally make his day! Make it a fun outing for him. If your child is old enough to go too, make it a gift from your child! A fun father son or daughter day is always a home run 🙂

Happy Feet Sports Team Slippers: Buy the tickets to his favorite sporting event and stick them in these slippers! I got these for all my brothers for the holidays last year and they went over very well. Everyone loves cozy feet and their favorite sports team.

Tile’s Bluetooth Key Finder: I need this. You need this. Katie needs this. Everyone who loses their keys need this. Period. This could legit save marriages people.

For the OUTDOORSY dad

YETI cooler: An awesome gift for the outdoorsy dad! Great for camping, BBQ’s, beach days, or sporting events. Yeti is the top of the line for coolers.

BOSE Sports Wireless Earphones: These are awesome for the dad’s who like to work out or be outside. Weather resistant and they don’t slip out of your ears when you get all sweaty!

For the dad on the GO

Tumi Luggage: If you want to spend a bit more on your hubby or dad, this is always a solid choice. Every guy needs a nice pieces of luggage and Tumi is the top of the line.

Herschel Backpack: Cool and fun gift! I would say this is probably a good gift for your husband rather than your dad. Great to have for traveling! Also can be used as a diaper bag when mommy is off duty! My hubby has one and loves it. Uses it all the time.

So now go and buy a gift today to make sure you get it by Sunday!

Happy Shopping!








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