Finding Bikini Brands for Big Busts. Bikini Store Meltdowns…No More!

Bikini season is here! Living in South Florida, bikini shopping has become more of a year long affair. But for all my northern readers, now is the time you’re out looking for the perfect bathing suits for your upcoming Caribbean and beach getaways!

Personally, bikini shopping has always been one of my least favorite activities. And I live to shop…so I knew I had to figure out how to make this particular excursion a more enjoyable experience. I have certainly had my fair share of dressing room meltdowns. Tears. Anxiety. Insecurity. I went through it all. And although my sisters don’t share the same body issue that I do, they are always there for support when I call them in a dressing room panic because nothing EVER fits!

Everyone has one part of their body that they struggle with. Mine happens to be my chest. I always have a really difficult time finding a bikini that fits both my top and my bottom. Most suits come in one size fits all, so if you aren’t the same size on top and bottom you may find shopping difficult for you! I have also noticed that a lot of the tops that are made for women with a bigger bust are simply unflattering and not trendy. If you have a bigger chest, than you can certainly sympathize with me. And this blog is just for you!

Finding Bikini Brands for Big Busts

I have tried on every shape, size and style of bikinis that exists in this world. I have come down to the realization that a halter bikini top that ties at your neck and back, is the only style that works for my body. It creates the most support and coverage. No one likes to see a lot of side boob or constantly be nervous something may slip out. Finding the perfect bikini top isn’t an easy process! I have shopped high and low and finally found a brand that works perfectly for my chest. The brand is called La Blanca. I stumbled upon them while shopping at Swim N Sport…which is normally not a store I have ventured into before. But I am so glad I did. The top fit me perfectly. I felt completely supported and for once I did not feel like my chest was on display. The top has a great thick lining that keeps your chest in place without adding any extra padding. It also has double straps that tie around your neck to add even more support.

Since I did not like the bottoms they were selling with the top, I decided to create my own mix and match story and wandered over to see what Victoria’s Secret had to offer. They really have so much to choose from and you are certain to find a style that is just right for your body type. My goal was to find 3 bottoms that I loved and pair it back with my black halter. I bought a solid black bottom, a fun vibrant print and a two tone cut out bottom that was a little bit more daring! In doing this, I created 3 separate bikinis for my trip! All 3 of the bottoms I chose were extremely affordable, which is another reason I love to shop at VS.

Since I can’t fit into most of the tops at Victoria’s Secret, I feel that this was a great solution for me. I honestly don’t have to dread shopping for bathing suits anymore. I am creating my own style and feeling great in it. Shopping should be fun! So make it that way!


Here are some of my favorite bikini bottom styles from VS!

Other bikini brands for big busts:

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