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Ask The Veterinarian…Help! My Dog Has Diarrhea

Question For The Vet:

Hi!  I have 2 dogs and I feel like I am at the vet every other month with one of them having diarrhea.  Is there anything at home that I can do to help resolve diarrhea (in hopes of avoiding a vet trip), and what can I do to prevent it?  Thanks so much!

Dr. Alison’s Answer:

This is a great question and thanks for writing in.  Diarrhea happens to be the number one thing I see at my animal hospital and treat regularly.  The top 3 reasons dogs get diarrhea are:

  • Food indiscretion (they eat something that does not sit well with their bellies)
  • Stress
  • Parasites

Tips To Prevent Diarrhea:

  • Do not feed them different foods that they do not eat regularly (even new treats purchased over the counter can cause diarrhea in dogs)
  • When switching foods, do so slowly over 2 weeks
  • Make sure your pet is on a monthly heart worm prevention that protects against gastrointestinal parasites
  • Have your pet tested every 6 months to a year for parasites
  • Avoid taking your pet to areas of high stress and loud noises (fireworks, public events, etc)

At Home Remedies I Can Give My Pet For Diarrhea:

  • White PLAIN rice in the food
  • Canned pumpkin (fiber)
  • Bland food (boneless skinless chicken breast..NO SPICES)
  • Probiotics labeled for dogs
  • Prebiotics labeled for dogs
  • Greek Yogurt in the food

Most of the time diarrhea is caused by a simple problem and can be resolved in a few days.  However there are absolutely more serious diseases that can cause long term diarrhea and weight loss that needs to be addressed and treated by your veterinarian.  If your pet is having severe diarrhea for longer than a few days, there is vomiting associated with it, or you feel they are acting sick, contact your veterinarian immediately. Hope this helps and good luck:)

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