Ask The Stylist…What My Sisters Wore!

Question: I know you are a stylist for kids but do you style your sisters for events you all go to? They looked so cute on the news! Can you tell me where to get those outfits?

Answer: Yes I do style my sisters for events like the news segment they did last week. It’s actually a lot of fun to go shopping together. We always have an idea in mind before we go out to the mall. For this segment, we wanted to find something that felt appropriate for fall and also coordinate without matching too much.  For Katie, I thought a pleated skirt and bodysuit would be perfect. Both pieces are trending this season! I love putting high waisted skirts with bodysuits. It always looks so chic and you never have to worry about tucking  your top in perfectly. Mustard yellow and burgundy are also two colors that I love for the fall. We decided to color block them and the combination made for the perfect outfit! Since it was for the news we didn’t want to go overboard but the leopard printed sandals were the perfect final touch. For Alison, I wanted to find something that she felt comfortable wearing since she had just given birth to twins 5 weeks prior. That combined with breastfeeding, it wasn’t the easiest mission but we were very successful! We went with a really pretty A-line navy lace dress that covered her up in all the right places. I also paired her dress with a maroon Mary Jane pump to coordinate with the colors in Katie’s outfit!  Below I made a collage so you can similar pieces.


Happy Shopping!

{mustard pleated skirt, burgundy bodysuit, leopard heels, black lace dress, hunter green lace dress, burgundy pumps}


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