The Perfect Plaid

Hi Everyone!

Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love a great plaid flannel? I have to admit that sometimes I wear them a bit too often. And I get made fun of a lot by my sisters. I can’t help it I love a good flannel. But flannels aren’t the only way to rock a plaid. There is definitely a way to make plaid look way more chic and stylish! These prints are a huge trend for the fall and there is a way you can put it all together and not look like a farmer. Or that you just rolled out of bed lol.

After searching the internet, I couldn’t believe how many great pieces were out there. After finding that perfect piece to add to you wardrobe, the trick is figuring out what you are going to wear it with. For bold prints, I always say to pair it with neutral pieces to complete your look. Plaid can sometimes make a strong statement so sticking with a denim skinny jean or simple leggings will compliment the print much better.

As usual, I picked some of my favorite pieces for you all and chose a variety of styles. Even if plaid isn’t exactly your thing, I promise there is something here for everyone. I wanted to break it down further for you and show you how I would style a couple of the pieces myself. For the long plaid top on the left of my picture, I went with a simple black legging. You wan to accessorize with some fun pieces like a long gold pendant and a great cuff. For my handbag, I would do an oversized black and gold tote. And for shoes I liked the added touch of the grey with the fringe!

For the outfit on the right…These boots are going to be the statement piece so go with solid neutrals for everything else. Dark denim jeans that you can tuck in to your riding boots, grey comfy/loose t-shirt, camel oversized blazer, great long pendant necklace and an ivory and black cross body bag.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.08.01 PM

Here are also some of my favorite celebrities sporting some chic outfits in plaid!

Hope you enjoyed the blog! Happy Shopping.

Links for items in main collage:

{Cape, black and gray cape, belted plaid shirtdress, long sleeve red and navy shift dress, plaid crop top, free people plaid button down with long back hem, plaid culottes, window pain vest, red and navy hooded jacket, ivory and black pumps, red and black long blouse, long sleeve top with plaid hem, riding boots, red and black moto jacket, cross body bag, plaid long sweater, drapey white tunic, navy and black shirt dress, red boxy blouse, ivory a-line jacket}




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