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healthy immune boosting snacks for kids

Healthy Snacks to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

To quote the wise words of my toddler after asking him to sit down for dinner, “I don’t want to eat meals, I only want to eat snacks.” What is it about snacks that are so exciting and inviting to kids? I can literally tell my child to sit down for dinner, and he beelines for the nearest exit. But if I tell him I have snack for him, he’s immediately by my side waiting. For whatever reason, kids just love snacks. So why not give in a little – let them have their snacks and eat them, too, with these ideas for healthy immune boosters for kids!

Preparing for back-to-school is in full swing. So we thought it would be fun to recommend our top snacks for kids. But the best part is that with these snacks, your child gets some much needed nutrients, too!

Go-To Top Immune Booster Snacks for Kids

At the beginning of the school year, your kids are exposed to lots of new germs. While you can’t always be in the classroom making sure they wash their hands, you can help help boost their immunity with some delicious and nutritious snacks.

What your kids eat can have a great impact on their immunity.

A well balanced diet is the key to a healthy new school year. Certain fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients, such as vitamin C and carotenoids, which can help to boost your child’s immune system. Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, green beans, and carrots contain antioxidants and phytonutrients that can help to increase your child’s production of infection-fighting white blood cells and interferons, which will help them fight off illness.

PRO TIP: Children are more motivated to try new things when they are involved in the process. Let them go to the store with you and pick out their own snacks for the new year. Allowing them to participate in snack and meal planning will motivate them to try new things.

After School Immune Boosters for Kids

After a long day at school, your kids will barge through the front door begging for food! Here are some of my favorite after school snacks that your kids are going to love. Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them they’re healthy. This is a great way to get your kids involved and can make a really fun activity for everyone!

Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark

Who said chocolate isn’t healthy? When you add strawberries and greek yogurt, you’re in for a yummy treat with immune boosting powers!

Apple Donuts

No, the apples aren’t IN the donuts, they ARE the donuts! Not only is this treat healthy, it’s fun for the whole family to make!

PB&J Fruit Kabobs

Everything is more fun to eat when it comes on a stick, right? For a fun twist or for kids with peanut allergies, try some delicious peanut butter substitutes.

Make Snacking Fun!

A really fun product that you can use to create your snacks is FunBites. Your kids will love playing with their food to make fun shapes. All kids like to play with their food right? But this activity gets kids excited to eat and provides another way to involve them in preparing their own snack and meal options.

The Power of Elderberry

I am a huge smoothie fanatic. I make one for myself almost every morning to get the day started. My kids love making them with me, and I even get away with calling them milkshakes. If they think they are drinking a dessert, who am I to set the record straight?

A great healthy addition to your smoothie is a few drops of elderberry syrup. Although there is no magic medicine to help prevent illness, elderberry has been used since the ancient times to help promote immunity! It can be used like a daily vitamin.

*Please remember there are contradictions and limitations to elderberry, so it is imperative to discuss with your doctor whether it is appropriate for your child to start taking this supplement. Children under the age of 1 should not take elderberry. Please make sure your doctor goes over the appropriate dosing with you.*

Stock Up

It’s not always possible to find the time to make a homemade snack. So I always stock my pantry with a variety of healthy snacks that I take with me everywhere!

Buddy Fruits is one of those snacks. When toddlers won’t eat their veggies, these pouch snacks are the perfect way to sneak in those nutrients without them knowing. I also love the size of these packs! They provide the perfect amount of food, so we never have to waste any. Buddy Fruits come in tons of flavors any kid would love. And they’ll never even realize they’re eating veggies because they’re just so good.

Pure Growth Organic is another amazing organic snack company that offers a huge variety of snacks! Plus the kids love the cartoons on their packaging. Without a doubt, Buddy Fruits and Pure Growth go in my son’s lunch box every day.

We are also huge fans of Nosh. They have great snacks for infants during the teething stage, and they also make healthy rice cakes for toddlers. Every time I leave the house with kids, one of these snacks is most definitely in my bag!

Final Thoughts on Snack Time Immune Boosters for Kids

Who doesn’t love a snack? With these snack top immune boosters for kids, you don’t even have to feel guilty about letting your little ones indulge a little! I hope these ideas were helpful and gave you some great ideas on feeding your kids healthy, immune boosting snacks throughout the school year.

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  2. These are great tips! I struggle to get my toddler to eat healthy sometimes, but it’s a good reminder that i can sneak things into his food and make it fun!

  3. I love Greek yogurt for my munchkin. One thing I give him is apple slices with Greek yogurt and almond slices. Sometimes we do peanut butter instead

  4. Definitely going to keep these in mind! My boys are constantly getting colds through the fall =\ Thanks!

    1. I have 3 babies and it really does seem like at least one of them is always sick. Thanks so much for following us:)

  5. O.M.G. I love this! I can never get too much information and ideas on what to give my picky eater. This has helped me tremendously. Thank you for this!

  6. Great reminder about Elderberry. I have used it in the past to help boost immunity and ran out last year. I am putting it on my list to buy since colds have been going around!

  7. Thanks. This is some great info for anyone searching for tasty yet healthy snacks. I always keep our cabinets filled with healthy stuff but i cant lie you will find the occasional twinkie

    1. Us too!!!! You can’t beat the fun treats and the kids love them;) Thanks so much for following us:)

    1. We hope this was helpful and are always trying to give good and helpful information. Thanks so much for following us;)