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Tips For The Week!

Tips for the Week

Alison’s Tip

There are 2 types of vaccinations we administer to our pets. Core vaccinations are necessary for the maintenance of your dog’s health.  Non-core vaccinations may be administered when exposure to a disease is expected.  Speak with your veterinarian about which vaccinations are necessary based upon exposure and where you live.

Katie’s Tip

Poison control hotline is an amazing resource that is under utilized.  If your child ingests something, is bitten or stung, or comes into contact with hazardous materials, poison control should be one of the first phone calls you make.  Many times they can guide you with the appropriate steps to take before the ambulance arrives.

Carrie’s Tip

Here is a great tip I learned recently on how to keep your flowers fresher for longer.  1. Always cut your stems at a diagonal.  2. Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to your water.  This helps to kill the bacteria and keep them looking fresh! Don’t forget to change the mixture daily.


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