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things to do in blue ridge georgia on vacation

The Ultimate Blue Ridge Georgia Itinerary

If you haven’t already experienced a Blue Ridge vacation, you should! Our families have been visiting this area for the last several years. Each time we return, it becomes even more special. There is something so incredibly quaint and peaceful about the small town. And since we’ve been going for years, we thought it would be a great time to tell you some of our favorite things to do in Blue Ridge.

This year, we chose to take our trip in the summer, but with the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather, fall is truly a breathtaking time of year to travel to the mountains.

Growing up in South Florida, we didn’t get to experience that amazing change in seasons. And if you know us, we are always talking about “sweater weather” and how badly we want to see the leaves change colors.

But the mountains are beautiful any time of the year!

Things To Do In Blue Ridge, Georgia

Well, we’ve teamed up again with Escape To Blue Ridge, who always helps us experience incredible family trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains! With our last trip under our belts, we are excited to share information about some of the best activities and spots to hit up on your journey to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Check out the downloadable itinerary below!

If you love a vacation with a small town feel and views to die for, this trip is one for you.

blue ridge georgia itinerary

Road Trip Essentials with Kids

We also want to lend you some pointers for traveling with a ton of kids! You may deal with plenty of tantrums, tears, accidents, and fights along with the fun.

But if you’re well prepared, you’ll make it out in one piece!

I wanted to make it easy for you guys, so I created another downloadable image for you to save for later. And check out the links to all our must have family road trip essentials.

I know this time is scary, so many of us are trying to stay on the side of caution by driving rather than flying. But driving with kids can be ROUGH. We did the 10+ hour drive to Blue Ridge, Georgia, last month, and I can confidently say being prepared makes a trip like this one so much easier!

Yes, there were some tears along the way, but we all ended up making it there in one piece.

Must Haves for Traveling with Kids:

  1. Lap desk for car
  2. Window stickers
  3. Bluetooth headphones
  4. iPad holder 
  5. Janod magnetic books and activities 
  6. Portable cell phone/iPad charger
  7. Travel games
  8. Container for kids’ toys or snacks 
  9. Wikki Sticks
  10. Water Wow!
  11. License plate game
  12. Paint by sticker

family road trip essentials

Final Thoughts on Your Next Vacation to Blue Ridge

We’ve had some great times with family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia over the years! If you want a more detailed breakdown of our favorite things to do in the Blue Ridge Mountains, check it out HERE.

And then just jump in and take a trip to see for yourself exactly what we’ve been talking about. You most definitely will NOT regret it!

Happy vacation!

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