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Before I start writing about how to style little boys and what my favorite brands are, can we discuss how cute my nephew is? I can’t handle that face sometimes! Recently, my sister Alison said she needed to do a major overhaul and buy Lukey some new stylish clothes. Try not to neglect your little ones, they want want a cool wardrobe too! Our first stop was Zara for kids. I can’t say enough about how Zara’s clothes are insanely adorable. Stylish, funky and the quality is really great. Most importantly, it’s affordable. So if you are looking to pick up a few things for your little man that are trendier than his typical play wear, this is the perfect place to shop.

The key is to find a few cool pieces that you can mix and match with other items in his closet. If you have a basic t-shirt, all you really need to do is try to pair it with a funkier bottom. Look for something that has a bit more detail. In my collage below, you can see a few great options that explain what kind of details I am talking about, such as a cool print, knee patches, funky stripes, distressed rips, or simply an interesting or bold color! All of the items below compliment each other really well. Put together a look that is unexpected. Prints with stripes, stars with plaids, harem pants with a high top sneaker and a bright printed t-shirt! You can pull off an effortless look for him and it doesn’t take much time! Just think outside the box.  XO, CG

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Zara Kids

(Printed orange s-shirt, drawstring waist trouser, printed star shorts, distressed jeans, light blue sneakers, grey perforated sneakers, sweatshirt with printed pocket, basic navy short, blue camouflage shorts, kelly green joggers)

H & M

(Long sleeve striped t-shirt, blue joggers with knee patch, 

Gap/Old Navy

(Checkered button down, camo sneakers, striped tankfedora)

Crew Cuts

(Heather blue double stripe t-shirt, adidas high top sneakers)


(Knit Henley Top, good times t-shirt, green camo shorts)

Little Trendsetter

(Striped blue and white harem pant)

*Luke is wearing a Zara top and bottom with adidas shoes


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