KnowYourOTCs Ambassadorship: Joining The Mission!

As a parent, there nothing worse then when your child is sick!  All we want is to take away their aches and pains. Many of us turn to over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help alleviate your child’s symptoms.  However, there always tends to be stress and fear when administering medicine to our children.  What is the best choice for a specific symptom? How much should I give?  What are the side effects?  Here at Forever Freckled, we talk a lot about different pediatric illnesses and treatment options, so it was a natural fit when asked Forever Freckled to become one of their ambassadors. As a pediatrician, safety and prevention are incredibly important to me, so being a part of’s incredible mission is truly exciting. is a one-stop resource for parents to obtain information on OTC medication because knows that parents are in charge of their own child’s health. Parents make decisions for everything- choosing and giving the right OTC medicine, caring for scrapes, and making regular appointments with healthcare providers.  With so many OTCs, there are a lot of choices when it comes to your family’s health. By turning to as a resource, parents and caregivers can take the guessing out of giving kids OTCs, by learning how to read labels, and how to let your children’s symptoms help you decide which medicine they need.

Every month I will be partnering with, to talk about an important topic related to OTC medications. This month we are talking BACK TO SCHOOL GERMS, which as you know is a favorite of mine. Preventing the spread of illness is the key, but treating the illness can be equally important. So along with some other amazing influencers, we created this informative video to help with the common obstacles parents face when their child gets sick!

Tips for Treating Common Child Illness

  • Before they wake you at 3am with a fever, we’ve got you covered with a quick reminder on how to treat a fever and be confident you are safely dosing your child.
  • Is that runny nose from allergies or a cold? It can be challenging to tell the difference. Learn how to help distinguish between colds and allergies and get important reminders on age restrictions before administering allergy medicines or cough and cold medicines to young kids.
  • Be confident you are making smart, informed choices before treating your child’s symptoms and learn why reading the Drug Facts label is a critical step before offering an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine to your kids.
  • For tips on how to treat your family with care all year long, log onto

I’m proud to take part as a blogging ambassador with the CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association) Educational Foundation and  This is a sponsored post!  While I have received compensation from the CHPA Educational Foundation, all opinions are my own.

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