Jaanuu – We Found It…..Great Quality, Fashionable Medical Scrubs!

Hi Everyone!

All my fellow colleagues out there that work in the medical field know that the apparel we wear to work, although comfortable and functional, is not very fashionable or glamorous.  I am not going to lie, I do love throwing on my scrubs for the day and feeling so comfortable, however it would be nice to look a bit more fashionable and better about my apperance.  Katie and I are excited to tell all our readers that we found the solution… the Jaanuu company.  I have been wearing scrubs and white coats for 12 years!!!  And finally, we found great quality, cute and fashionable medical scrubs. And it only took 12 years to discover it.

Jaanuu company combines professional medical apparel with  contemporary runway-inspired garments.  The designs are chic, flattering and form-fitting medical apparel. Not only do they offer  fashionable styles, they also are great quality.  In fact, they use the best fabrics, Tencel fabrics,  known for its silkiness, soft flowing drape and unique wearable comfort. The fabrics are also treated with Salvador, which is an antimicrobial, minimizing odor, inhibiting bacterial and yeast growth, and resist discoloration by bacteria which is so important in the medical field.  The company was actually created by a young, fashionable pediatrician that wanted to feel better while working.

Katie and I absolutely love this company and all the different styles and colors they offer.  We even got the stamp of approval from Carrie, who has been making fun of her “nerdy” doctor sisters forever.

Anyone who is in the medical field should definitely look into the Jaanuu company.   We are enjoying working hard, helping animals and children, and looking good while doing it.



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