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Human Foods That Are Toxic For Our Pets……..

Hi everyone.  With Halloween right around the corner and the rest of the holidays, I thought it would be a great blog to remind everyone that pets cannot eat certain types people food.  It is very tempting to have our pets celebrate the holidays with us, and for some this means letting them eat the food that we all enjoy in.  Unfortunately, many of these foods are toxic and can cause harm to our pets.  The following are food items that should never be given to our pets.

Foods Pets Should Avoid

Rich and fatty foods can cause problems ranging from stomach upset to more serious illnesses such as pancreatitis, resulting in pain, vomiting, and dehydration.

Alcohol can cause intoxication in our pets, and many dogs are attracted to the sweet taste and smell.

Chocolate, coffee, and tea all contain dangerous components called xanthines, which cause nervous system or urinary system damage and heart muscle stimulation.  Problems from ingestion range from diarrhea to seizures and death. Unsweetened baking chocolate and dark chocolate are the most toxic to our pets.

Uncooked meat, fish, and poultry can contain disease-causing bacteria, such as E. coli, and parasites like Toxoplasma Gondii.

Bones from fish, meat, or poultry, even small bones, can splinter and cause tearing throughout the intestinal tract requiring surgery.

Tobacco products can be fatal to pets if ingested. Signs of poisoning develop within 15 to 45 minutes and include over-excitement, salivation, vomiting, and diarrhea. Pets may develop seizures, collapse and even die from cardiac arrest. Keep all tobacco out of the reach of pets, and make sure to empty all ashtrays regularly.

Uncooked yeast dough can expand and produce gas in the digestive system, causing pain and possible rupture of the stomach or intestines.

Grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and xylitol (an artificial sweetener) are toxic for pets.

Candy canes, gingerbread people, popcorn, raisins, or cranberry garlands can be enticing to your pet which, when ingested, can cause upset stomach or a more serious intestinal obstruction.

Onions, Garlic, Chives- Can cause gastrointestinal irritation and could lead to red blood cell damage. Although cats are more susceptible, dogs are also at risk if a large enough amount is consumed.

Milk and Dairy- Because pets do not possess significant amounts of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk), milk and other dairy-based products cause them diarrhea or other digestive upset.

Salt and Salty Snack Foods- Large amounts of salt can produce excessive thirst and urination, or even sodium ion poisoning in pets. Signs of salt toxicity include vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, elevated body temperature, seizures and even death.

I hope this will help you to prepare for and avoid foods toxic to our pets during the holidays.  And remember, with all of the festivities, do not forget to relax and spend some quality time with your pet. Your dog or cat will think that is the best gift of all.


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