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Forever Freckled’s Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day is only a couple weeks away and I have just begun researching some cool gifts for my hubby and dad. I am typically a pretty solid gift giver and have rarely given my husband something he hasn’t liked.  Whether you want to try something unique or would rather go with a guaranteed crowd pleaser, I have narrowed down my favorites to take care of everyone on your gift list!  Here are some awesome Father’s Day gifts to make your shopping that much easier!

Waterproof wireless portable bluetooth speaker: A perfect gift for the summer time. My family loves a good pool party, so this is fun to have outside and toss in the pool. It’s completely waterproof and the kids can have a blast playing their music outside!

Lululemon shorts and hoodie: Forever a staple in my husband and dad’s wardrobes. The quality is unlike any other active wear brand. They wash and wear so well. Every guy loves a gift from Lululemon. If you haven’t tried them out then you should. It is worth the price for sure. You get so much use out of them and if anything happens to any piece of their clothing, they will exchange it in their store with no questions asked.

Burger’s Smokehouse: Seriously, what guy doesn’t love to eat really yummy meats?! I think this is such a unique gift if you wanted to do something cool and different for Father’s Day. High quality meats is not something you may buy every day for your family which it makes it perfect for this occasion. I love how this family business has such a wide variety of meats to choose from. I have also found that most men love to BBQ, so I think this is such an awesome gift to give paired with a few BBQ accessories. My sisters and I just ordered the bacon steak sampler, rib sampler and the smokehouse treat. I seriously can’t wait to try everything at our next family BBQ. It all looks so delicious. This is definitely an excuse to throw a party at Katie’s house right Al? And if your husband or dad have been extra good this year, you should totally spring for the next gift on my list! It will go perfectly with Burger’s Smokehouse rib sampler!

Big Green Egg: This gift will forever be on my Father’s Day gift guide. Nothing beats a high quality BBQ and this brand is the top of the line.  And they offer many different sizes depending on your budget. This is the gift that keeps on giving because your hubby or dad can make you an awesome meal and there are plenty of accessories to buy to get you through many more birthdays and holidays!

Yeti Rambler: I swear I have a love hate relationship with this thing. It forever lives next to my couch on the side table because my husband uses his every single night. La Croix and his Yeti rambler is a staple evening activity around here. It’s great for beers or any canned drink, and perfect to bring in the car. It keeps your drink cold (or hot) until the last sip!

Hershel Weekend Carry On: One of my favorite brands for men. Their bags are high quality and have always been a hit in our family. Three years ago I got my husband one as his own manly “diaper bag” and he loved it! I love the camo print and the trendy styles. Who says your luggage can’t look awesome too?!

Hyper Chiller: So if you have a man who loves coffee, then there are two options for you in this gift guide. This product instantaneously makes iced coffee within 60 seconds. Seriously, no more melted ice cubes. I’m obsessed with this product. I am going to get it for my hubs and then use it for myself daily. Is that rude?

Ember Travel Mug: How cool is this?! It keeps your coffee hot at whatever temperature you like. I personally can’t drink burning hot coffee, so I love how you can set it to the temperature of your preference. There have been so many times where my coffee has been too hot to drink so I let it sit awhile.  By the time I get around to drinking it, it’s freezing cold. This will keep your drink at your desired temperature which is really cool.

Native Union Key Fob: This was a neat product to have around in a pinch. It doesn’t charge your phone by just plugging it in to the connector, but it features a USB cord and it’s easy to plug in when you are out and about. I always find myself at Starbucks with an almost dead phone, so this is a perfect solution for that problem. I hate stuffing cords in my bag, and this goes conveniently on your key ring. It works anywhere there is a USB connector!

North Face Fanorak: This is just a super cool pullover jacket that works for any weather type! I love this color combo, but it does come in a few different ways depending on what you want. It has as a cool vintage feel to it too. It’s water repellant so it would work great for the summer time, especially here in Florida. It also rolls up and turns into a fanny pack. I mean that’s cool right? It is super great for traveling and stuffing in your bag.

Everlast Notebook: I am sort of obsessed with this product. This item is just like a typical notebook that you would write in, but get this…you can upload your images or notes directly to your phone from this notebook. This could be perfect for someone who likes to handwrite their notes or draw! Now you can store them on your phone so you never lose them. I wish I had this in high school, note taking would be so much easier.

Google Home: Oh man I want this. Personal assistant…yes please. I need one so I am thinking every one does too. This should be a staple in all homes. No one would not like this present!

Hope this helps in your hunt!  Happy Father’s Day!




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