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FF Friday Ask The Veterinarian………Help my pet gets so anxious in the car and I am traveling for the holidays.

Question for Dr. A

I have a Yorkie, Marley, and we are traveling in the car to North Carolina (from Florida) for the holidays.  Marley tends to get anxious and sometimes vomits when he is in the car.  Is there anything I can give him or do for the long car ride?  Thanks so much and Happy Holidays:)


Traveling is huge this time of year and I have been signing lots of health certificates for travel and dispensing mild sedatives and car sickness medication.  So the answer to your question is YES there are things we can do to make the car ride more comfortable for your pet.  I prescribe a mild sedative for my pets that are very anxious in the car such as ace promazine, or even Zanax on occasion.  For my mildly anxious pets, we can recommend a dose of Benadryl that may just make them drowsy enough to allow them to sleep in the car or plane.  For car sickness (nausea and vomiting) there is a medication called cerenia that helps considerably.  Speak with your veterinarian if your pet is a candidate for these type of medications. Hope this helps and happy Holidays;)

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