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Carrie of Forever Freckled is recommending the top fall fashions under $100

Fall Trends Under $100

Hey Guys!

Say goodbye to the summer! For us Floridians, the summer is not nearly as exciting as some of you northerners. The heat…the mosquitos UGH! Some days, it’s almost too brutal to go outside. So our family welcomes the fall time! The temperatures don’t really dip too much and our leaves don’t change, but you can still feel the change of the season in the air. Mostly because as soon as the word fall is heard, Alison immediately pulls out her fall festive knick knacks and chat-skis. There are days when she totally makes me laugh because I swear deep down inside she is this sweet old grandma who is dying to wear a fall themed embroidered autumn vest. Do you know what I mean? Anyways haha, everyone loves to shop for fall but no one likes fall prices. Being trendy can be tough as a mom. Some days I feel like I don’t have the time to keep up with the latest trends and I just want to lounge around in my mom leggings all day. On those other days, I always try to remind myself how important it is to stay true to what you are passionate about (which for me is fashion) and dress to make yourself feel good. I have always loved to be in style and at the same time buy things that I can afford!

So today, I am giving you some great fall finds that are must haves for the new season! Everything here is on trend this fall and under $100! Yes you heard me! Under $100! And totally mom friendly! Enjoy and happy shopping.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Although there are very few days out of the year that we get to wear sweaters, when the chance arises I am going all out. I love a sweater with pretty details. A casual cardgian with distressing or a pretty ruffled shoulder. Cardigans are one of my favorite fall items because they are so easy to throw on over any basic outfit. I also am obsessed with the comfortable chic mom look. Cute cozy sweatshirts are a small obsession of mine that I working on…I promise. I always try to find one with lace up detailing or an exaggerated sleeve! Anything that makes it stand out and look stylish!

Fringe and Feminine

Feminine styles are definitely not going away any time soon! That means ruffles and frilly accents are here to stay a bit longer! Woo hoo because I am all about the ruffles haha. I am obsessed with this top from Madewell in my picks above. Pair it with a great denim jean and printed mule. Also these black fringe earrings are everything! Bauble bar has the best stuff when it comes to costume jewelry. I have them in pink and I get so many compliments on them! I also would definitely find a great one shoulder top because you are going to see this silhouette everywhere this season. Advantage, your one arm will now be nice and warm lol. JK!

Sneakers and Mules

My two favorite trends for fall footwear are mules and chic sneakers! I am 100% down for comfort all day long. I love mules because they are so easy to slip on and there are a ton of great styles out there. You can go casual or dressy. Keds and Adidas are my favorite brands right now. Sporty and chic is the perfect combo to look for when you buy sneakers. Yes Katie mules are in. I will take you to the dark side soon enough 🙂

Denim Days

I literally would wear denim all day every day if I could. Denim skirts are still a huge trend that can easily be transitioned in to fall. This Topshop is so cute and I love the lace up detail on the sides. Throw on a chunky cozy sweater with it to make the perfect fall look! These Levi’s or hands down my favorite jeans of all time. The high waist style is super flattering! I also love these fringe jeans from Topshop. Fringe is still a big trend for the fall and the hem is a cool way to amp up your denim pieces!

 Fancy Active Wear

 Now, I am not one of those mom’s who deck out in Lulu lemon all day long. I love Lulu lemon like everyone but I cant always afford it. The active wear look is one of the easiest and most comfortable styles to put together. Now you are seeing styles with tons of new, cool and unique designs to choose from. Here are some of my favorites! Totally go for interesting prints and detailing!
I hope this was helpful and gave you a great jump start in to the fall!

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  1. Great article! I love sweaters & love your thoughts & opinions on what to buy. As a of 3, the chic mom look is definitely what I go for nowadays.

    1. Thanks so much for following us:) We are always posting fun, affordable beauty and fashion! We too are always trying to look chic and fashionable!

  2. Love all of these! I live for Fall fashions and wait paitently every year until I can break our the boots and sweaters!

    1. Us too! Living in South Florida we don’t get to break out a sweater too often but when we do we are very happy;) Thanks so much for following us:)

  3. I love the feminine look- and it’s really versatile! It’s easy to create outfits for work, daytime, and evening.

  4. Great article! I’m always looking for adorable and stylish outfits for my little one that doesn’t break the bank every time! Please keep these great info write-ups coming!

  5. Fall is my favorite season because of all the comfy and cozy styles I can wear! My go-to fall outfit is black leggings, an oversized, extra soft sweater, and my knee high boots! Also, can’t forget the plaid blanket scarf!