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quick and easy DIY wine glasses

Chalkboard Wine Glasses DIY

Hey Loves!

I  hope everyone is having a great week! So I guess it is safe to say that we have dedicated this month on to helping prepare everyone for the summer months. I hope Alison and I have helped all the parents prepare to keep their children and pets safe over this fun but extremely hot season. I certainly enjoyed Carrie’s blog on Monday on cute summer clothes and must haves. For me, a romper is always my go to item. With two kids, it is the easiest and fastest way to look put together even when I AM NOT.

With Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, and all the great summer barbeques, we thought it would be fun to do a quick and easy DIY party hosting project. While Alison can rely on great food to wow her guests, I need to lean on cute hosting decorations, great conversation, and of course alcohol to impress. Yep that is right, the food always taste better when you are a little tipsy!

Today Alison and I are doing chalkboard wine glasses.  They are so easy to make, so cute, are a great conversation piece, and best of all, everyone is so distracted with drawing on them and drinking that they do not realize that the stuffed mushrooms are undercooked and the pigs in the blanket are burnt!

Lets begin…

Chalkboard Wine Glasses
chalkboard wine glasses1. amazing Target bar cart  2. slate cheese markers  3. chic appetizer plates  4. cheese and beer 5. wine bites cookbook  6. slate cheese plate

The Supplies you need- 1. Chalk board paint 2. Painter’s tape 3. wine glasses. That is all you need! A great tip is to try going to your local dollar store to get the wine glasses. Alison and I found a set of 6 wine glasses for $10 at HomeGoods. We used chalkboard paint but there is also spray paint you can use. I would purchase the chalkboard paint and tape online or at least call the store ahead of time to ensure they have the paint in stock.

chalkboard wine glasses

Place the painter’s tape so the bottom edge of the tape is exactly where you want the chalkboard paint to start. We did just the base of the wine glass, which is probably easier and less messy.

chalkboard wine glassesTry to find a wine glass stem that is small enough to fit into the paint can. Make sure to place down paper to protect the surface you are working on.

chalkboard wine glassesThe most important step to preventing a DIY failure is to place the glass on its side and allow it to dry a little bit before placing it upside down.

chalkboard wine glassesBe creative!!! If you are having a small party, use them as place cards. Put each of your guest’s name on the bottom and set your table. This can also be a great craft project with your child. If you are having a family barbecue, get plastic mason jars and make glasses for the children who are attending. Have your child write each of their friend’s name on the different glasses. It also becomes an opportunity for them to practice their spelling and writing. See you next Wednesday!!

chalkboard wine glasses

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