The journey of Forever Freckled started with something as simple but as powerful as sisterly advice. If you’re lucky enough to grow up with sisters you will understand the incredible bond and unique relationship we all have. For us, sisterhood means always having someone to share in overcoming the challenges and celebrating the joys of life. Through the years we have gone through it all together- childhood, college, careers, dating life, marriages, children- all while sustaining an unbreakable friendship and support for each other.

We all have extremely unique journeys with the common trait of providing guidance and advice. Alison utilized her veterinarian degree and built a business to help and guide people with their animal needs. Katie traveled a similar but different path as she went to medical school and dedicated her career to specializing in the needs of children. Carrie spent many years devoting herself to women’s fashion. Working with amazing mentors like Diane Von Furstenberg, she truly understands how and what makes a woman feel beautiful. We have learned and grown from each other’s experiences and expertise while, of course, laughing along the way. Between the three of us, our conversations usually range from fashion, home decor, hosting, and cooking to pediatric and veterinarian advice.  Our very unique passions and experiences have become a great source of advice not only for us, but for our family and friends as well. We wanted to create a platform where parents could come to get real medical advice for their children and pets and pick up some great lifestyle tips as well. We hope you will enjoy reading about our journeys as much as we love living them!