About Alison

Dr. Alison Birken, Veterinarian and blogger for Forever Freckled, veterinary advise

Hello everyone, my name is Alison Streit (I go by Dr. Alison Birken in my professional life) and of the sisters I like to consider myself the most business savvy, detail oriented, calculated, and responsible of the three.  I am a Veterinarian, my dream job since I could barely speak, a wife to my amazing husband Rob, and a new mommy to my greatest accomplishment and most unbelievable joy for me, my son Luke.

Over the past five years, I have dedicated my life to building, opening, and running an animal hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, accomplishing a life long goal of mine. It has been an amazing journey turning my passion for animals into a career.  After my son Luke came along, I was faced with the difficult task of balancing my professional and family life, which I can now only describe as “organized chaos.”  Aside from running my animal hospital, taking care of Luke, and being a wife, I also love cooking and hosting.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than bringing my closest friends and family together for parties and creating lasting memories.  As a business owner, working mom, wife, and the designated family hostess, my organized yet chaotic life is busy.  I am always brainstorming new ways to prioritize and organize, and there is never time for rest.  By combining my life experiences and ability to balance, plan, and organize efficiently and gracefully, with my sisters’ unique experiences and qualities, gives us the ability to provide a perfect and well-rounded advice forum for every type of woman.