What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Here we go again! Round 2 is around the corner. This week I have been super busy doing baby laundry and setting out all the things I want to bring to the hospital. Since I am having a C-section I know I will most likely be there for 3 to 4 days and I want to be comfortable and have everything I need! Here is a list of everything that I am bringing to the hospital and why it’s a must have!

-Medela Sonata Breast Pump: I never thought I would say this but I am so excited to try out this pump when the my baby arrives! I am not exaggerating that I went through 3 pumps with my first, Jax. I could not find one that worked well or was strong enough. The one I ended up using with Jax was Medela’s free style version and I can’t wait to test out their brand-new Sonata pump. The best part about this pump is all it’s smart features! It delivers all your information directly to your smart phone via Bluetooth. That means it collects all the data on your pumping sessions and has real time tracking of your baby’s growth! It also gives you unlimited access to important lactation information and personalized content designed to help you reach your breast milk feeding goals. I am a major believer in pumping to make bottles, that so dad can get in there and help with the feedings! And YES, I am bringing my own pump to the hospital because I want to make sure that I am using the correct nipple shields and pumping properly this time.

-Medela nursing bras and tank tops: Make sure to pack some great nursing tanks and bras. I love the Medela ones! Make sure to bring a couple with you to the hospital. I lived in these for the first 3 months of Jax’s life.

-Medela nipple cream (tender care lanolin): From day 1, I started producing a good amount of milk and my nipples instantaneously felt uncomfortable. It’s good to have the nipple cream with you to help with the initial pain. The pain is the hardest part to get through.  I know so many people who stopped breastfeeding because of this obstacle. It’s good to rely on these awesome products to get me through the first month!

-Robe: This is a must! Hospitals are always cold. With so many visitors coming to see me, I wanted to cover up. I wore a soft robe almost every single day.

-Comfy elastic band shorts- You don’t want to bring anything that is hard to get on and off. I am having a C-section, so I need something that stretches easy and can sit underneath my bandages. I love these shorts from Target. I have them in two colors. So soft and cozy!

-Non skid socks or slippers:  I recommend bringing multiple pairs of socks with a nonskid bottom. I like the plush socks the best. They are key for all those long loops around the maternity floor lol.

-Fabulous printed pajamas: My time has come to showcase my favorite PJ’s! My PJ’s are finally needed and have a true purpose. I know you hate them Alison, but they are so perfect for the hospital, and I can’t wait to wear them for 3 days straight and torture you 🙂

-Towel: Why hospitals have to give you a wash cloth and tell you it’s a towel? When I finally was able to shower, I wanted to be able to dry off properly and a wash cloth will not do. I will bring my own cozy towel thanks!

-Pillow: I want to feel as comfortable as possible while I am there. So why not bring my own pillow and sleep just a little better?

-Cozy plush blanket: My sister Alison brought me this as a gift on my first day after I gave birth to Jax, and I slept with it every single night. I never took it off. It was a life saver. Especially because the hospital sheets are terrible. This printed star blanket from Target is amazing because it’s incredibly soft and pretty big! Jaxy loved snuggling in it too,

-Baby clothes: Bring baby clothes! This is a no brainer. I love onesies that have zippers and any two-piece sets with buttons. Nothing that must go over the head. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

-Dr Browns Pacifier: If you are planning on giving your baby a pacifier just bring many. I love the Dr. Brown’s lovies because they are easy to find. They are also easy to tuck inside the blanket so they don’t fall out of their mouths as quickly.

-Scrunchie’s: I am a huge Scrunchie believer now. Alison, it pains me to think you have been trying to get this trend to catch on for years now. I am on board and loving it. I will credit you for being one of the first.

-Letter board: I want to take some memorable photos while in the hospital and I think it would look adorable to announce his name and weight for FF on a letter board. We never stop blogging guys 🙂

-Long phone charger: How many photos am I going to take? ALOT!  I need my charger near by my bed. It’s a simple as that.

-Lip balm: I don’t know why but my lips were super chapped in the hospital. Good to have.

-Swaddles: I like many swaddles but my favorites are the Aden and Anais ones and the Summer Infant pods.

Other items to pack

-Toiletries (hair brush, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, toothpaste, moisturizer)

-Car Seat

-Extra big mama underwear and pads

-Extra pacifiers

-Ipad with downloaded movies

-Big Brother or Big Sister present (if this isn’t your first child!)


-Face wipes

-Muslin blankets

-Eye mask (to get some much needed sleep!)

-Loose going home outfit for mama and baby

OMG! 3 weeks to go! Can’t wait to meet this little man 🙂


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