War of the Tablescapes

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This week my sister’s and I are at WAR! Just kidding. Don’t worry we’re not fighting, but we decided to have a friendly competition to see who could design the best tablescape for the fall season. And so the War of the Tablescape begins!

We absolutely love the holidays and being able to decorate our homes for the season has always been something my family has loved to do. All three of us sisters have very different and distinct tastes, which makes this contest that much more fun. We also thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know our personalities a little better and give you a look into what inspires us, where we shop, and how we each decorate our homes.

My sisters and I are all busy women working and raising children. We wanted to show you how easy it can be to put together a simple, chic and affordable tablescape with a little bit of effort. Katie and Alison will publish their blogs this week with their take on the perfect fall tablescape. Next Monday, we want you to get involved and weigh in on who you thought did the best job!

For mine, I want to show you that you can design a fabulous tablescape if you live in a smaller space. Katie and Alison have these gorgeous long dining room tables. I live in a smaller town home so this is the perfect way to go for my smaller home. Below are a set of questions that all 3 of us will answer individually. We will also show you exactly where to get everything from each of our designs so you can replicate them if you choose.

What inspired you for this specific fall tablescape?  I think my design is a mixture of inspiration from different passions in my life. It mostly stems from my love of fashion and jewelry. I always gravitate towards sparkle or anything shiny. I always find pieces with great bold hardware or anything with a gold accent. Of course, I had to throw in a nod to my love for fashion with the Vogue coffee table book. I think my design is a more sophisticated way to decorate for fall. Instead of your typical orange and red color story, I went with a more neutral design that I feel works better in your home. I also love to put different textures together. All of these pieces really pop off the lucite coffee table. My vision was to create something simple and chic. And I think I’ve accomplished that!

Who and what inspires you for your own home decor style? I think one of main sources of inspiration for me is HGTV. I find myself glued to Property Brothers, Fixer Upper and Love it or List It. If I had to compare my style with one decorator it definitely would be Jillian Harris from Love it or List It. Everything she does is exquisite. The way she can turn a room into something so sophisticated and gorgeous makes me always want to redo my home!

Who’s tablescape do you like more…Alison or Katie? This is a hard one but I would have to say Katie. Katie and I have always been more on the same page when it comes to fashion and decor. It’s kind of similar to how we always randomly show up wearing the same nail polish color. We are very in sync and I have always been so impressed with how she decorated her home so beautifully. Alison is great too and we sometimes call her the queen of the holiday decorations! The best part about her vision is how warm and cozy she makes her home feel. It always reminds me of my Nonnie and that’s something special you can’t get anywhere else.

Where do you normally shop for decor pieces? The number one place I shop is Homegoods. Really, is there anything better? I could spend hours in that store. It’s the ultimate treasure hunt and I always walk out with amazing and indispensable pieces for my home. The second place I spend a lot of time shopping is at Target. Target’s home section has improved so much over the past few years. I always find funky and unique items there.

If you could have anyone join you for dinner who would it be and why? This is a really hard question because I admire and look up to so many women. I think I would have to go with Oprah. To me she is a true inspiration to all women and someone that exudes strength. She would be an amazing person to have a conversation with and take advice from. She has built an entire empire on her own and hopefully one day the Forever Freckled brand will be just as powerful 🙂 I already know who my sister Alison is going to choose…and all I will say is that I’m sorry we are already besties as seen in the below pic!


I hope you all enjoyed the first part of our 3 part series. War of the Tablescapes is just a fun way to show you all who we are and hopefully gave you some inspiration to decorate on your own for the season.

Don’t forget to check out Alison and Katie’s blogs this week and pick your favorite next Monday! Oh, and Pick me 🙂





{Pumpkins, candles, potpourri, wooden tray, gold dot place mat, ivory table runner- all found in store at Target}

{Vase, leaf trays and wood candlesticks- Homegoods}

{Vogue Book}


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