War Of The Tablescapes Part III

Hi Everyone.  First off…the competition is over…I WIN!  Let’s take my first competitor, Carrie.  Not to be rude, but you decorated a coffee table! No…just no.  You’re out!  Katie, I know you have exquisite taste and your always pick out the most elegant gorgeous pieces, but no one wants to go to a fun laid back dinner party and feel like they are walking into a pottery barn catalog.  Sorry, they just don’t! Soooooooooo, as I am positive you all will agree, I will take the award for the best tablescape.

What inspired you for this specific fall tablescape? 

If you walked into my garage you would find neatly organized and labeled tupperware cases of seasonal decorations.  I am a little obsessed with the holidays and decorating.  I start whipping out the decorations Sept 1st (for Autumn Feast, a holiday I made up 7 years ago to begin the holiday season early) and sadly put them back in the garage after New Year’s Eve.  My husband instituted a rule in our home.  Every holiday season I am only allowed to purchase 1 new decoration to add to the existing.  Yea, it’s that bad, but please I already bought like 5 new Halloween decorations for outside.  I have to say I get this from my Nonnie (my mom’s mother) growing up.  She always had the best decorations and her home was so warm and inviting. Like my Nonnie, I am all about THEMES! Do it up! It’s the holidays! Get that light up talking pumpkin, and the robotic skeletons that greet people to the haunted house.  You can only do it one month out of the year, SO GO CRAZY (or be boring, elegant, and sophisticated like Katie)!

Who and what inspires you for your own home decor style?

WARM AND INVITING are a must with my decor, but if I am being completely honest here, decorating my home usually involves a text to Katie saying, “Kate, I need a new light fixture for my kitchen island, the ones I have now are heinous.” And Katie responds with 3 or 4 great options.  Not to say I haven’t picked up some skills over the past 2 years decorating our home, but I definitely rely on Katie and HGTV’s Fixer Upper (if you have not checked this show out yet, its AMAZING).

Who’s tablescape do you like more…Carrie or Katie?

Me, oh wait can I pick myself?  Ok fine, I’ll go with Carrie, she really does have awesome taste and makes everything look beautiful (but also because she decorated a coffee table, so I am going to bring over all my decorations and decorate her table while she is cooking in the kitchen).

Where do you normally shop for decor pieces?

My all time, cannot live without favorites are Michaels Crafts  and Marshalls Homegoods.  Michaels sees me coming and they lock their doors!

If you could have anyone join you for dinner who would it be and why? 

Duh! As Carrie nailed it on the head, Giada de Laurentis.  Why you ask?  Oh because I am strangely obsessed with her, idolize her, and sometimes speak in an Italian accent and pretend I’m from Italy.  Oh, and Orlando Bloom called and he is coming for appetizers and drinks.

I know I haven’t met Giada YET, but note the signed cookbook that is creepily displayed in my kitchen at all times.  See how the cookbook is signed directly to me .  That’s because we are best friends, meet regularly for coffee where we discuss life, pilates, and how she never really eats.








Shop This Table:

Marshalls Homegoods- Pine Cone Center Piece, Birch Log Candles, Tablecloth, Napkins, Mason Jars, Owl Candles

Michaels Arts- Pumpkin Vines

Bed Bath and Beyond- leaf place mats, leaf coasters

Pottery Barn- Napkin rings

Thanks everyone for reading our “War Of The Tablescapes” and I hope you enjoyed them.  Make sure to pick me if you want to drink, laugh a lot, and have a great time (unless you want to go to Carrie’s and sit around a coffee table, or hang out at Katie’s and be nervous where to sit and scared to touch anything). Oh don’t be mad sisters…you know I love you.  Happy hosting!

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