War of the Tablescape II

Hey Loves! I hope everyone is having a great week! I am loving this week’s competition not only because I love winning (let’s be honest there is no way Alison or Carrie can compete with my tablescape), but also because it gives you guys chic and affordable options to create an amazing table for Thanksgiving or a fun dinner party. Well, I take that back. Carrie and I will give you chic options for fall decor. Just kidding Alison! There is no one that loves the holiday season more than my family. Alison waits all summer for the moment that she can break out her well organized, color coded bins of holiday decorations. I am pretty sure holiday decorations are to Alison what shoes and bags are to Carrie and me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season too, I just don’t think you need a scarecrow pointing you to the guest bathroom or a pumpkin tissue holder to celebrate. So today we are going to do an autumn tablescape, the Katie way!


What inspired you for this specific fall tablescape?  I was inspired by this amazing printed tablecloth by Calvin Klein. I love how it celebrates the colors of fall but in a sophisticated way.  A great print is the easiest way to add interest to any room or in this case, a tablescape. You don’t necessarily have to accomplish this with a tablecloth. If you are hosting a large party and have a large dining room table, get great printed napkins! I found these amazing metallic place settings and knew the competition was over. I use the same formula for anything that is home decor: something rustic + something metallic + a great print = winner!

Who and what inspires you for your own home decor style? I love anything and everything that is home decor. I love contemporary, mid-century modern, transitional, coastal, and rustic. I love it all. My home is what I like to call rustic chic. There are a lot of washed woods, burnt out leather, and vintage accent pieces in my house. I pair the rustic pieces with fine metals, metallics, and chandeliers to add glamour and achieve a more chic feel. Alison’s home has more of a coastal vibe, which I love as well. I am also inspired by the stage of life I am currently in, which is organized chaos. I love finding affordable and kid friendly decor pieces.

Who’s tablescape do you like more…Carrie or Alison? Carrie can make anything look good and I would love to have cocktails and appetizers at her table, but I have to give it to Alison. Everyone needs a little Alison in their life! She is so passionate about whatever she takes on and always does everything BIG! Her love for the holidays are infectious and she always makes the holiday seasons so amazing. Although I still stand by my statement that you do not need a scarecrow pointing your guests to the bathroom! Alison take down the scarecrow! HAHAHAHA!

Where do you normally shop for decor pieces? I love shopping high and low! Meaning investing in the great statement piece and then filling in the rest with affordable chic pieces. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you spend on your sofa, it will never survive your toddlers, so keep it simple!

My highs- Restoration hardware, Serena and Lilly, One Kings Lane, and zincdoor.com

My lows- Homegoods, Target (I love Nate Burkus’ new line), West Elm, Wayfair.com

If you could have anyone join you for dinner who would it be and why?  This one is easy for me. My sisters and I are completely obsessed with Diane Von Furstenberg. My love affair started when I was in medical school and only intensified when Carrie started working for her company. I was always so jealous that she had the opportunity to work alongside such an inspiring and successful woman. She sends such a powerful message to the younger generation of women.  I love that she celebrates a woman’s femininity, while inspiring them to accomplish their dreams.





Now when we vote on Monday, will a few of you please vote for Alison and Carrie. I want them to feel like they stood a chance and it wasn’t such a landslide!

See you next Wednesday!

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