Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week!

Hi Everyone!  This week is Vet Tech Appreciation week.  Yep you heard right, there is a week designated to celebrating and appreciating our amazing veterinary technicians and everything they do.  Although, the should be celebrated everyday, I am excited to write this tribute to show my gratitude and let you know all the reasons I adore and love my amazing staff. I will try my best to fit it all in one blog!

First off, anyone who is willing to go into the field of veterinary medicine has a passion for animals.  It is hard to find a job or career doing what you truly love and have a passion for.  This is one of the many reasons why I love the field of veterinary medicine.  I am always surrounded by people that want to be there and have the best interest of the pets at heart.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up and go to job that you not only love, but where you are surrounded by people who love what they are doing just as much as you?  This makes for the perfect working environment and leads to comradery, teamwork, and most importantly, great care for our pets.

I have been trying to come up with the best way to show my staff how grateful I am, but also give some insight to those who do not work in the veterinary field on how awesome these guys truly are.  So, lets discuss some typical scenarios in the day of the life of a veterinary technician!

Veterinary technicians have super hero powers! My technician and I enter exam room 1 to give Mr. Whiskers, a 4 year old cat, his wellness examination and vaccination.  I enter the room and say, “Oh hello and how is Mr. Whiskers doing Mrs. Smith?”  As I pull my otoscope out to start examining his ears, Mr. Whiskers transforms into a wild lion and claws his way free of my technicians restraints, and begins clawing up the walls and artwork, hissing and spitting, with his nails and fangs exposed, ready to kill!  And where am I, you ask?  I escaped out of the exam room door faster than anyone could blink.  You can find me back at the front desk.  Where is my technician? She is shielding the client from harms way, while using some super secret power calming technique to restrain Mr. Whiskers and save the day, all with a smile.  HERO!

Veterinary technicians have unbelievable skills. I go to place an IV catheter in a 2 pound Yorkie that is squirming, yelping and trying to get out of the vet tech’s hold, in a vein as thin as a piece of hair. I turn to my technician and say, “Yea, I’m gonna go ahead and let you handle this one!”  Just two minutes later the IV catheter is in place, and the Yorkie is licking the technician’s face.  SKILLS!

Veterinary technicians put up with double standards. I stress at an employee meeting how important it is that we keep all cell phones in the lounge, and NEVER use them during business hours unless we are on break or at lunch.  We need to create a professional environment with complete focus and attention on what we are doing.  After the meeting my technician comes to get me for the next appointment and continues to interrupt me as the client is waiting patiently.  I tell my sister Katie to hold on as I put the phone down and respond, “Can’t you see I am on my cell phone?!”  Love you guys 🙂

Veterinary technicians are immune to bad smells and loud noises.  So as you can imagine, working in a field with sick animals, we see a lot of “accidents”.  Let’s just say it takes a very special person to be able to withstand the smells, clean up the messes, and listen to non-stop barking.  Oh where am I, you ask again?  Hiding in my office until the mess has been cleaned up, the aerosol is sprayed, and candles have been lit.  Plus, the vet techs aren’t scared to the do the really gross work.  2 words…ANAL GLANDS!

Veterinary technicians have unbelievable patience. The technician walks into exam room 1 to take a history on Sophie, a 3 year old poodle with diarrhea. Sophie’s mom pulls out a 5 page document of the exact times the dog has had diarrhea, what the color and consistency it was, the expression on Sophie’s face while doing her business, how long the episodes last, exactly what she ate for the past 2 days with times and amounts, and even hands the tech multiple samples with labeled dates and times. After 25 minutes of hearing the detailed story of Sophie’s past 2 days with her bout of diarrhea the technician comes to grab me to do the examination.  My technician gives me the short and sweet patient history, “Sophie has had diarrhea for 2 days,” and we proceed into the room to see Sophie.

I could go on and on but I think everyone is starting to get the point. Being a vet tech is certainly not the most glamorous job, nor does it pay the best, but the job is always done with passion and love.  I have such an ongoing, endless, immense appreciation for my amazing staff.  They are devoted to every animal that walks through the hospital’s doors, and also put up with their veterinarian bosses (they should get a medal just for that)! Happy technician appreciation week! I love you guys and all the other devoted vet techs out there!




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