Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

Thunderstorm phobia or anxiety in dogs is a fairly common and very real problem for many dogs.  Dogs will become extremely frantic and overwhelmed with fear during storms and may exhibit signs such as shaking, panting, pacing, drooling, hiding, vocalizing, or destruction. There are  things we can do at home to help provide some comfort and ease during storms

  • Never leave your pet outside and provide a safe, hidden area in the most quiet part of the house
  • Try and avoid reacting to the behaviors, such as coddling and soothing, and carry on with normal activities
  • Thundershirt has proven to be effective for some pets
  • If extreme, your veterinarian may prescribe anti-anxiety medications or sedatives
  • Veterinary behavior specialists are available for consultation if the condition is severe

Katie’s Tip

Summer time is a great time to introduce new fruits and vegetables into your child’s diet. Take them with you to the local farmer’s market and let them pick out the vegetables they like. Cooking with your children is also a great way to teach them about healthy eating and encourage them to try new foods. Make it fun for them and you will find they will be more willing to try new things.

Carrie’s Tip

Father’s day is around the corner. I always have a hard time figuring out what to get for my dad. This year I have one more person to add to my list! Excited for my husband to celebrate his first father’s day with our son Jax. I found some great gift guides on line that I would love to share with you all. Here are a few of my favorites.

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