Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

Many people bring their pets to be evaluated by their veterinarian for a reverse sneeze, reporting that their dog is having an episode where they cannot breathe or are choking.  A reverse sneeze is actually a normal and common phenomenon in dogs and can be brought on by excitement, inhalant irritation, fast eating/drinking, anything that may cause irritation to the airway, or sometimes nothing at all.  A Reverse sneeze is when air is instead pulled rapidly and noisily in through the nose.  The episode lasts anywhere from a few seconds to up to a minute and can sound and be very scary. (You Tube Video)  Fortunately, this is not dangerous to your dog and they generally recover quite quickly.   If ever you are concerned your dog is in respiratory distress, their gums and tongue are turning a bluish color, or you just are not comfortable, never hesitate to have them evaluated immediately by your veterinarian.

Katie’s Tip

As we start to head into the summer months, it is important to keep our children protected from the common illness that can be caused by the pool. Swimmer’s ear is a common infection of the external ear canal caused by water getting into the ear and not properly draining out. Make sure to always dry your child’s ear with a towel after swimming and bathing. To help avoid this type of infection, create your own ear drop, either a 70 percent alcohol solu­tion or a mixture of one-half alcohol, one-half white vinegar. Place two drops in each ear after your child is finished swimming. Happy Swimming!

Carrie’s Tip

A major trend for the spring/sumner is the blocked heel. A huge trend back in the 90’s is making its fierce comeback and I couldn’t be happier. These heels are saviors for mom’s who want to look stylish but don’t feel like walking around in high stilettos all day! My feet are happier and so am I! Here are a few of my favorites to get started. Happy Shopping.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.21.12 AM

{Multi color mule, black lace up, brown platform, navy lace up, braided triangle heelyellow sandal}




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