Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

For those celebrating Passover, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. I love matzoh and have recently discovered that my son does as well.  We can now add that to the extremely short list of 6 food items he will actually eat.  Here is an awesome reference for some delicious matzoh recipes you can cook over the holiday. Happy Passover everyone!

25 Delicious Ways to Use Matzoh

Katie’s Tip

This week I am taking my kids to LEGOLAND which is a three hour drive from our home. Do your children suffer from car sickness and vomit during long drives? This a very common problem, which can quickly ruin your road trip. If possible, start your drive during your child’s nap time. If your child doesn’t nap, make sure to keep the car cold, hydrate them before leaving, and place them as close to the front as possible preferably next to a window. You should avoid ipads, cell phones, books, or activities that require concentration. Make sure to plan ahead of time, dress them in clothes that are easy to remove, pack a separate set of clothing, and plastic bags. A great tip is to bring along a bag of coffee grinds. The dried grounds will absorb liquid in the vomit, making it easier to clean up, will help with the smell.

Carrie’s Tip

Mother’s Day is coming up in just a short couple of weeks. Tomorrow I have a great blog dedicated to Mother’s Day so stay tuned. Subscriptions are still a unique and popular gift to give to a loved one. There are always new and exciting ones coming out. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Boqus: A monthly floral delivery subscription.

Olive Box: A monthly subscription for paper lovers.

Graze: For snack lovers!

ClubW: For all of our wine lovers.



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