Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

Whenever you are cooking meatloaves or meatballs and need to combine all the ingredients, I always use my hands and GENTLY combine the mixture until just mixed through. (I even place my hands under warm water before to help loosen up the ingredients and create easier mixing.  If you overwork the ingredients, the meat becomes tough rather than light and airy.  Happy Cooking!

Katie’s Tip


One of the most common ways children pass germs is through the use of the same cups, plates, and utensils. A great tip to help combat the spread of germs is to have designated plates and cups for each child in your house. I absolutely love these plates made by olliegraphic.  It is also an adorable idea for a holiday or birthday gift. Another cheaper option is to designate a color to each child. IKEA has plates, bowls, and cups in all sorts of different colors. Make it fun and let each child pick out their own color.

See you Wednesday!


Carrie’s Tip

Hey everyone. Lately I have been experiencing excruciating migraines. I got to a point where I didn’t think anything would relieve the pain. Until I found this product Be Kool at the drug store. Not many things have worked for me and I am telling you these have helped so much! They also make a version for kids. Basically they are cooling patches that adhere to your forehead. They immediately start working as soon as you stick the patch to your forehead. The gel gives off a tingling cool sensation that will help reduce the throbbing feeling. I always put one on before going to bed which allows me to fall asleep.  So if you are experiencing migraines too then I would definitely  give these a try!



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