Tips For The Week

Alison’s Tip

In the United States, there are millions more owned cats than owned dogs, yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently than dogs. My best tip for all my cat owners out there is please make sure your cat is evaluated by your veterinarian at least one time per year. Cats will not show illness until they are very sick and many times it is too late to treat them. Yearly bloodowork and physical examinations is crucial in making sure your cats are healthy.

Katie’s Tip

Valentine’s day doesn’t only have to beĀ about you and your loved one! It’s a great excuse to get the kids involved with someĀ fun easy DIY crafts. Here is an adorable article from with tons of unique ideas for you and your family to do. The little love bug marshmallow ones are definitely my favorite.

Carrie’s Tip

Valentine’s day is around the corner! I am sure many of you will be giving or receiving flowers over the next couple weeks. Since my mom was a florist, I better know how to take preserve my flowers correctly. The two things I always do when I receive flowers from my lovely husband are the following: Always cut the bottom inch off the stem at a diagonal angle. And change out the water! Many people just keep the same water in the vase for the extent of the flowers life. Keep it clean and fresh and they will certainly last longer. Here is another great guide to keep your flowers fresh from Real Simple.

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