Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

When I first started cooking, I regularly was confused with how to cut the different vegetables when preparing the recipe.  Here’s a quick guideline on the different type of knife cuts and a description of each.  Happy cooking:)

CHOP-The goal is to end up with even size pieces, and medium size cubes (the most common cut that recipes ask for)

DICE- A dice is smaller than a chop- the goal is to cut uniform 1/4 inch cubes

MINCE- Many recipes call for you to mince garlic, shallots, or ginger). The goal is to cute as small as possible.

JULIANNE- Vegetables are cut into matchstick cuts (small linear pieces)

SHRED- Many recipes ask for greens like kale, Swiss chard, or spinach to be shredded.  This means cutting them into fine ribbons.  Here’s a great video on this technique.

Katie’s Tip

Hope everyone weathered the storm! Although the snow might have stopped falling, I am sure the weekend plans are mostly indoor! I love this video FF’s guest expert blogger, Andrea Hecht, made on how to survive the snowpocalypse. There are some amazing ideas for indoor activities to keep your children busy.

Also, here are some quick and easy arts and craft projects you can do this weekend that won’t result in a huge mess!! You dont need a storm inside as well as outside!

Carrie’s Tip

Hey everyone! I hope you are all keeping warm this weekend. It is actually pretty cold here in Florida but I know it doesn’t even come close to what you all are experiencing up North. I know that getting dressed for the winter is not so easy. Layering your clothes could be an annoyance and make you feel bulky. Here are some of my favorite guides and tips on how to layer properly. {Instyle, Harpers Bazarre,Elle}




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