Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

I am so excited for the annual Christmas Eve party at our house.  Every year the party gets bigger and bigger and the preparation gets a bit more crazy.  A great tip that I always do to prepare for LARGE parties is make a lot of the food ahead of time and freeze it.  A day before the party start defrosting all the food.  Great recipes to make ahead of time and freeze are casseroles, lasagna, meat sauces, meatballs, dips, and appetizers.  Here are some of my favorite APPETIZERS for hosting. The dip and pizza pockets can easily be made ahead and frozen.  Happy hosting everyone!

Katie’s Tip

Decorating my mom’s christmas tree is always a family event! One of the reasons it is so special is because we have ornaments that we made from preschool and beautiful memories of all the special events in our lives. The tree is covered in pictures of us and our cousins from our childhood and ornaments that we made growing up. As adults, we truly appreciate all the memories and decorating the tree has become more like a walk down memory lane. DIY ornaments great way to spend quality time with you child and create memories that will last forever.  I love this article on different DIY ornaments for children of all ages.

See you Wednesday!!

Carrie’s Tip

My dad’s birthday is coming up next week…and always around this time of year it reminds me how hard it is to buy something for someone who has just about everything. This week I saw this unique gift made of photos on and thought what a great gift idea this could be! It’s thoughtful, sweet, and shows someone how much effort you put in to their gift. Hint Hint…who wants to make one for me? lol They are also offering 15% if you order before 12/16! Use the code GIFTS2015.

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