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Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

Football season has officially begun.  This time of year always brings tons of party hosting, and get togethers. I see many pets at my animal hospital for upset bellies, and food toxicities.  Please be careful with your pets when you are hosting parties. Ask your friends to refrain from feeding them, and/or place your pets in a seperate room.  Here is a great list of all the human foods that are toxic to your dogs and cats.


Katie’s Tip


Are you having a difficult time with your toddler adjusting to preschool? You have to get this book, Llama Llama Misses Mama . The key is to communicate to your child that you will be returning. Have the same good bye ritual, always explaining when you will be coming back to get them . “Have fun at school today, mommy or daddy can’t wait to see you after lunch”.  See you Wednesday!

Carrie’s Tip

Fall is here, it is time to break out the ankle bootie! This is one of my favorite looks;) A lot of women feel like this trend tends to cut off their legs, making them look shorter and their ankles wider. When done appropriately, it can actually give you a longer and leaner look. I am absolutely loving this ARTICLE of how to pull off this look.





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