Legos and Lounge Chairs

We were so honored and excited when Legoland asked us to be a part of their media launch for the new Legoland Beach Resort.  We love any opportunity to take a break from the grind of daily life and spend time with family. Legoland’s new resort is all about celebrating family and creating special moments. We had the best time and loved that our children got to play and enjoy this special place together.

The last time we went to Legoland, we didn’t have enough time to truly enjoy the water park. So this visit we made sure to set aside plenty of water park time and we all had the best time.  Jaxon was obsessed with the interactive water tables and Mason couldn’t get enough of the water slides. I swear, everywhere you turn in this place you bump into a cool lego table! There is so much to do for any age group. There is a small wading pool for the toddlers to enjoy the baby slides, floating legos and Duplo water creatures. Charlee couldn’t get enough of the lazy river. We drifted down the water in tubes while she grabbed the floating life size legos and built her own unique raft. I don’t know who had more fun, her or me?!

The new beach retreat was inspired by actual lego sets and creates the feeling that you are actually sleeping in a beach bungalow made out of legos. The resort has 83 individual beach-themed bungalows decked in Lego decor inside and out. The brightly colored bungalows are centered around an outdoor play area with fun and challenging elements, all within view of the bungalow’s shaded patios. The girls and I sat out on the patio with a glass of wine and relaxed while the kids played and watched the sunset. Our bungalow had a beautiful view of the lake, which made the night even more gorgeous. One of our favorite parts of the resort is that you can have an interactive experience at the main pool, but still escape to your private bungalow and enjoy some alone time with your family. We sat on our patio as we watched our kids run from the playground to the rooms of the bungalow in their PJs. It was really such a special moment and will be a wonderful memory. The bungalows are reasonably priced starting at $135 per night depending upon season and demand. The Legoland theme park is a 5 minute drive from the hotel.

All Mason talked about leading up to our trip was the new Ninjago world. He couldn’t wait to try the new ride and it of course didn’t disappoint.  The ride provides a 3D experience where you blast animated fireballs, lightning, and more at a sinister gallery of villains before teaming up to defeat a powerful foe. You get to track your score against the other passengers as well. He was so excited when he had the highest score. We decided to take the kids on this boat ride called the Quest For Chi. Needless to say we all got insanely soaked. After a few tears but mostly laughs, we all jumped into the human sized air fan and dried off!

Thank you again Legoland for an amazing trip! We had the best time and created so many special memories. During a time when we are constantly fighting to decrease our children’s screen time, Legos provide an opportunity to build and be creative. Legoland celebrates the idea of building and gets the children excited to imagine, create, and explore.





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