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Here we go again! Freckle #7 is on it’s way. It actually feels like I have been pregnant for an eternity but I am so happy to finally let everyone know today. This journey of baby #2 began with a rough start, but today I am feeling well and most importantly, I am healthy!  The minute I found out that I was pregnant, I was simultaneously hospitalized with pneumonia. Probably one of the scariest moments of my life was having X-rays and cat scans performed on me during my stay. As soon as you become pregnant, your motherly instincts switch on.  I became incredibly nervous and fearful of what effects all the tests could have on my tiny little baby.

I feel so incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to expand my family. Watching my sisters experience so many obstacles getting pregnant, I am much more appreciative of the incredible miracle of motherhood. It is still hard to believe I will be throwing myself back in to the crazy newborn stage once again. But I cant wait! My son Jax understands there is a baby in mommy’s belly, but I am pretty certain he thinks it may actually be a brown bear. He even peaks through my belly button to take a look in there. It’s insanely cute. He also thinks the baby will come out from my belly button, and I think I will let him keep thinking that way!  I am nervous for how he will react once the baby is here, but I am so excited for him to have a sibling. It makes me smile just thinking of them together.

Now to the topic that I am not supposed to talk about but I am going to anyway…

I want to preface this paragraph with this statement- I am immensely happy and fortunate to be having a healthy baby. I am over the moon excited and feel so grateful to be able to have more children with such ease. Here is what I am going to say…gender disappointment is real. Yep I said it. I know what you are thinking but I want to be brutally honest about something and I do know there are many women out there who have dealt with this pain. Since I was 15, I had imagined my life with a daughter. I felt strongly that I was meant to have a girl and that it was part of my path. The day I found out the sex of my baby, my husband called me on facetime during the day while he was at work and said, “okay babe get ready for a household of boys!” I am pretty sure I froze solid. My immediate and unplanned reaction was to cry and feel this sudden and overwhelming shock.  I felt terrible for my husband really because I don’t think he even knew what to say.  I kept telling myself that my reaction had absolutely nothing to do with this amazing and beautiful baby that was growing inside me. I love him dearly and am truly so excited for what is to come. Everything happens for a reason. I know this. I say this to tell other women that it is okay to have your moment of sadness if you feel it and allow yourself time to let it pass. It took me about 2-3 days to move on and start focusing on all the positive things I was about to experience. I threw myself into nursery planning and was in full on baby mode! A daughter was something I had dreamt about my entire life, but maybe its just not in the cards for me, and I think I’m okay with that right now. There is a reason I am a boy mom and I am so excited to watch Jax grow up with a baby brother. Having sisters, I know what it means to have that bond and I can’t wait to watch their relationship develop. And hey…there is always a possibility of #3.

So, get excited everyone because over the next 6 months we are going to be blogging about all the baby topics you want to hear- newborn care, baby must haves, nursery safety, maternity clothes, breastfeeding, and so much more! I have just begun working on the nursery with my sister Katie and I am so excited to share all my finds with you. Can’t wait to have you all on this journey with me.

Baby Boy Greenberg is Due in October!  Just in time for the holidays!

Xo Carrie

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