Inside Jax’s Closet

I am pretty certain my son (who will be arriving in a short 10 days from now) has more clothes than my husband. I actually can’t help myself. When I go shopping and I hold up a tiny pair of newborn pants, something comes over me and I just need to have them. It boggles my mind how mini his clothes are and I always show them to my husband Dustin and we start giggling. There is something about miniature sweatpants that makes me laugh. I am just so excited to meet him and finally get to dress him up in these cute little outfits.

I have been to all the baby stores looking for stuff for Jax. Since I style kids as my job, I am constantly in the malls seeking out the cute stuff. Honestly, I really can’t stand those sets that come together as a whole pack. I would rather go out and mix and match pieces to make it my own. I know what people are going to say, that your child is going to spit up all over his clothes and all that work trying to make him look stylish will go to waste. Just put him in those basic white onesies from Carter’s or simplify and buy a 4 piece outfit. I am sure he will wear some of those but that doesn’t meant he can’t have some trendy things to wear as well! He’s my son and being fashionable is going to be forced upon him!

I usually find myself strolling the racks at my favorite stores (Old Navy, Gap, H and M, Carter’s, Zara and Nordstrom Rack). I have found a lot of great items at Nordstrom Rack. Amazing deals and adorable finds. I have also found some really cool stuff at TJ Maxx. You just have to have a lot of patience and if you check back there every once in awhile you may find some good stuff. It’s definitely a treasure hunt but there are times I have found fabulous deals there. In the beginning, when I found out I was having a boy, I was a bit discouraged knowing that clothing companies spend more time designing little girls clothes than boys. The more I got out there, the more fun I had buying him stuff. Plus when I have the urge to buy little girl clothes I can just pick out things for my niece Charlee.

I know it’s not always ideal to go to the mall when you are feeling big. The last thing on your mind is to walk around a crowded mall with bags. No worries because all of this stuff you can buy online! And in my findings, I noticed that all of these sites are having amazing sales right now. So enjoy the collage and a peak inside Jax’s closet. Oh and happy shopping mommies!

Quick recommendation when organizing your closet- I got these adorable Lucy Darling dividers for my closet and they are very helpful when trying to keep everything in size order. I also decided to get a changing table that is also a full dresser and has TONS of drawers. I decided to designate the left side of my dresser for newborn stuff and the right side to anything in the 0-3 month range. I am going to try my absolute best to keep it that way, but at least I have a good start when it comes to keeping things organized. Alison would be so proud 🙂


Gap: Star pants, Pull up denim, Tiger bodysuit, Star bodysuit, Bear footed onesie

Old Navy: Camo bodysuit, Short sleeve patterned button down, Black and white sleeveless one-piece

H and M: 2 pack blue/white bodysuit, Anchor henley, 2 pack leggings with rollover waistband, Cotton roll up shorts, Cotton t-shirt, Cotton pants with side pockets, Mustard denim pull on pants, Doggie slippers, Jersey trousers

Carter’s: Orange/Navy henley bodysuit, Pull on striped shorts, Denim button down, Orange/Navy varsity pants, Varsity henley, High top sneakers, Fleece pocket pants, 


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