How To Hide The Holiday Weight With 5 Styles & Tips

5 Styles and Tips to Hide the Holiday Weight

I am in New Years mode and I will make time to work out this year…maybe! But in the meantime, there are a few tricks and tips to help hide some of that holiday weight. We all have it don’t deny it. I blame Alison for hosting way too many parties and feeding us too much. With that said there are certain styles/tips that can help cover some of the extra lbs that we’ve all been holding on to. Until I get myself back on the treadmill these tips will do just fine 🙂

The Peplum Style- One of my favorite top styles to wear when I am not feeling great about my body. I love that it tightens at the smallest point on my body and then flows out to cover my belly area.

High Waisted Jeans- I know you are thinking..I am crazy! But believe me, I much rather wear a high wasted jean then have a muffin top. So I much rather squeeze that extra weight in to my jeans rather than let it sit on top of the waist band. I am happy to do so! Also high waisted jeans puts the focus on the smaller part of your body which is the waist. Some of my favorite brands and styles below.

Layering (The right way)- If you keep layering tight fitting clothing over each other you are just going to add volume. Try a fitted top with a slouchy sweater or an over sized cardigan. Throw on a cozy shawl or fun printed scarf. A shawl with texture such as fringe is even better because it adds dimension and distracts from what you are hiding. One of my favorite looks to wear these days is a slimming bodysuit underneath a big oversized cable cardigan or jacket. I will also always wear a fitted bottom if my top is going to have more volume. You want to try and complement each other without looking like you are decked in layers.

Direct the eyes somewhere else- For this tip it’s sort of boils down to drawing attention to a different part of your body. So if you don’t want to accentuate your belly area then maybe find a great top with beautiful details on the shoulder. A great statement earring could also bring the eyes up.

Spanx– Yep I said it. The Spanx legging is perfect for after holiday wear. They keep you tucked in and feeling good! Nothing to be ashamed of. We all do it! I like the black pair because it obviously goes with everything and you can dress them up or down. It goes without saying, black and dark colors is always my go to color when I am feeling bad about my body. Try these pants with a comfy slouchy sweater and a cute pair of booties.

I hope this helped and gave you a few great tips to cover the holiday weight! Happy New Year!


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