FF Tips For The Week….More Time With Your Kids, Organizing Your Closet, and Sleeping Tips!

Alison’s Tip

Having twins has definitely added some chaos and unpredictability to our schedules.  I am finding it harder and harder to find some down time with the kids at home.  One way I have been able to give myself some more time with my babies is Shipt.  Shipt is a company that delivers your groceries from Publix to your home.  Once you create an account, you have your local Publix store on file, and it keeps track of everything you have ordered in the past on file.  It is so simple to sign in, re order your “usual” items, and then add the additional ones you need.  It’s also great for seeing what is on sale, and making sure not to miss the buy one get one free specials. This service has definitely been great and provided me with more time with my babies.

Carrie’s Tip

Today I am spending some quality time organizing my closet and house! Its the start of 2017 which mean’s there is no better time than now. House Beautiful has some amazing tips and tricks on how to get started. I love the way they did this closet makeover for your kids. I just began labeling Jax’s toy bins in his room and I definitely feel like it’s helping me keep things more organized. It almost makes me put everything back in the right spot!

Katie’s Tip

As christmas vacation comes to an end and our children head back to school, it is important that we get them back on a good sleep schedule. Sleep is extremely important to maintaining good health and strong immunity. When our children are run down and tired, they become more vulnerable to becoming sick. School aged children need up to 11 hours of sleep. Preschoolers need a total of 13 hours of sleep per day.  As we start the new year, it is time to focus on healthy sleep hygeine. Create a bedtime schedule and stick to it. If your child isn’t going to bed at a desired time start by slowly having your child go to bed earlier. I  recommend starting bedtime preparation 15 minutes earlier each week until you achieve the time that you desire.


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